Quantum Crypto Mastermind

Course Material Outline

  • Limit Losses: Learn 9 ways in which you can limit losses in cryptocurrency investing
  • Market Cycles:¬†Understand how, why and when crypto markets rise and fall and how the future for the industry may look much different
  • Portfolio Allocation: Learn proper portfolio allocation to understand what and how much to hold in each asset to have the highest expected return
  • Investing: Invest strategically by removing emotion, automatically investing, timing lows in dips and compounding through interest bearing accounts
  • Psychology:¬†Adopt the mindset of a professional trader by following 10 specific rules
  • Trading strategies: Utilize two different high probability trading strategies to increase the returns of your portfolio
  • Analytics Of Trading: Understand and track key metrics to ensure you are a profitable crypto trader
  • Technical Analysis:¬†Learn how to conduct technical analysis with indicators such as: RSI, hash ribbons, market cipher, ATR, moving averages, support & resistance levels, volume, fibonacci retracements, ect.
  • Exchange Tutorials:¬†confidently use exchanges such as Bianance, FTX, Bybit, ect. for leverage and spot trading
  • Research: learn how to conduct fundamental, technical, on-chain and ICO research in order to make wise investment decisions
  • Interest & Staking: learn the top strategies and platforms to earn passive income in cryptocurrency

Here Are The Deliverables

  • Digital Course:¬†Receive lifetime access to the course material
  • Facebook Group:¬†Get access to the 0 Percent consulting networking group with over 800+ entrepreneurs
  • Private Chat:¬†Share secrets and insights with all members in the Quantum Crypto Mastermind in a private group chat
  • Live Coaching:¬†Get live coaching and feedback from Jeff Sekinger and Orca Capital analysts on weekly mastermind style zoom calls
  • Email Support:¬†Email support for any pressing questions you may need answered 5 days a week
  • Live Portfolio Updates: Get live access to Jeff Sekinger's exact portfolio allocations per asset and sector
  • Top Picks:¬†Get insights into new coins or breakout trades before they happen
  • Intangibles:¬†Get the many intangible benefits of being around other high net worth crypto investors
  • ‚ÄčCrypto Inner Circle: Two months free of the CIC program